Quix begun as a small team. It wasn't even team, it was just a group of few good friends that played Fortnite. Many people just made fun of us. But we never gave up. The Founder of QUIX, Nitron took it in his own hands. He begun to search for some sponsors. He contacted one of the biggest Czech and Slovak Energy Drinks company called SEMTEX. And he had luck. They accepted the sponsorship offer. As you know, it is not easy to recruit good players without that you offer them something. Now we had something we could start offering to the new players. Now we started to search for some good players that would represent our team. It wasn't easy because many players are already in professional esport organisations. But finally we found few really good players that already had some bigger achievements. Now we are maybe one of the best Czech and Slovak teams. Recetnly wrote a czech esports magazine called PLAYZONE about us on their webpage. It has really made us happy and we hope to improve.